Post-Draft Review: Chase-ing Pink

Chase-ing Pink (ClemensDirtyNeedles) came away from the draft with a consensus steal as of the end of April: Pat “the bat” Burrell. In OBP leagues, Burrell is Diet Adam Dunn – he’ll never impress with the average, but a high OBP and he’ll hit 35+ HRs if he stays healthy. In the 9th round of our draft, I’d call him a hind-sight no-brainer. Pink has been helped by some very solid selections up anddown the draft. With that, lets look at Chase-ingPink chasing some fantasy glory. Continue reading


Post-Draft Review: Da Jesus

Da Jesus had an interesting draft. He went strong on pitching in the first two rounds, taking guys that the Dynasty Killas would have considered histop 2 pitchers on draft day: Aaron Harang and James Shields. Subsequently trading strength to plug weakness (and strengthen keepers), Da Jesus traded Harang for Troy Tulowitzki prior to opening day in the US. While on the surface, it appears Dynasty Killas got the better of this trade as of April 28th, there is no reason to expect that Tulo won’t turn his game around and post a 100-25-100-10-.370 line for the year. For the Dynasty Killas, this was a trade that would allow him to seriously contend this year, although, it would take the Reds scoring a few more runs for him. For Da Jesus, he picks up a strong SS that he lacked coming out of the draft. Continue reading

Real Men of Genius: Mr. Short, Scrappy, White Middle-Infielder/Utilityman

Here’s to you, Mr. Short, Scrappy, White Middle-Infielder/Utilityman. You have more guts and grit than men twice your size. Being physically gifted is no match for your scrappiness.

Although you probably won’t hit 10 HR in the Post-Steroid era, you always take the extra base. Nobody sprints harder down the line on weak, routine groundballs to SS.

You are that average white guy that other average whiteguys want to be. So Here’s to you Mr. Short, Scrappy, White Middle-Infielder/Utilityman. Continue reading

Post-Draft Review: Carlos Silva 40M

In a true show of how he feels about his team 3 weeks into the season, Silva 40M has renamed his team “Worst Team Ever”.  This is probably due to the unimpressive starts to the season that Uggla, Zimmerman, and Carlos Pena (compared to last year).

The draft is really what’s killing him. After Rafael Furcal, who might be the prize of the first round, injuries and underperformance are plaguing this team. Shane Victorino (8th) is hurt; Rich Hill (9th) is having control issues (although he looked better in his last start); Andruw Jones (10th) was looking for a bounceback, but actually looks worse than he did last year; Clay Buchholz (12th) isn’t looking like a 12th rounder; Saltalamacchia (14th) is in the minors; and Harden (16th) is hurt again. None of those picks stuck out as being bad picks on March 18th, and all of them look pretty bad on April 22nd. In fact, the only pick that was ridiculed at the draft was Jeremy Guthrie in the 17th, who turns out to be just fine for a 17th round pick. Continue reading

Post-Draft Review: Adorable Baby Pandas

In light of the long time between the last post draft review and the reality of being already 3 weeks into the season, the remaining Post Draft Reviews will be slightly different from the previous ones.

Note: The team has changed it’s name to The Three Seashells.

The keepers on this team allowed little flexibility in drafting as the entire outfield was filled with Byrnes, Markakis and Ichiro, but there was a top end starter and reliever in CC Sabathia and K-Rod. Then, there was A-Rod. Heading into the season, I would have pegged this team as top 3. And no one would have guessed that Sabathia would be bad, even if it’s only April. Arod is hurting; K-Rod is resembling Chad Cordero; and Ichiro is hitting .260. That’s 4 April killers for a fantasy team that had tremendous promise. The good news is that these are all player that you can count on to be better for the rest of the year, and at least Byrnes and Markakis look as advertised. Continue reading

Lastings Milledge Update IV

Wonder boy – AKA LASTINGS MILLEDGE – has taken a stab at week 3 of being a full time starter. Let’s see how the Nationals CF is treating opposing pitchers (hopefully, those numbers are more impressive than this picture we dug up). Based on Lastings’ 75 at bats, he projects (over 600 abs) to a .280 Avg, .345 OBP, with 168 hits, 72 runs, 8 HRs, 48 RBIs, 16 Steals in 32 attempts, and 48 walks to 112 Ks. I hope he has his gangsta shoes on, because those numbers won’t get him much cash in arbitration. With CS % of 50%, it’s not too long before Manny Acta applies the permanent stop sign to this crazy rapper – sweet picture, though I hope Lastings notes teammate Elijah Duke’s mistakes and checks her birth certificate before he knocks her up.

It might be a while before LASTINGS MILLEDGE stars in an Eastern Motors Commercial.

-Lastings Milledge can split atoms with his warm-up swings.


RA Dickey will get his first start of the year today. Joe Saunders has been hot, beating up on the M’s last Sunday to avoid a sweep.

What to expect from RA Dickey – 74 – 81(!) MPH knuckleball, mixed in with a 88 – 91 MPH fastball, and an occasional 65 – 70 MPH “floater” knuckle.


This is RA Dickey’s second appearance of the season. He pitched a few nights ago and was a little shaky at first, but then got downright filthy. No batter made good contact.

It is uncertain how many starts RA Dickey will get this season. Right now he is filling in for Erik Bedard, who is out with a bum hip. While the injury doesn’t seem serious, Dickey could get a few starts in his place if the M’s are cautious with the injury.

Will RA Dickey be Wakefield 2.0? or will he give up 6 HR in 3 innings, as he did in his last MLB start?

RA Dickey is different from Wakefield in a few respects.  First, Wakefield can’t hit 90 MPH with his fastball. Second, RA Dickey throws the knuckle harder than Wake.