Lastings Milledge Update VI


Well, Lastings did not like the fact that RA Dickey Dicks dropped him, and his tears certainly softened his performance. Our favorite 23-year-old has continued to slump. He’s now on pace to hit .252 with a .322 OBP, only 4 HRs, among 40 Extra Base hits, with 61 Runs Scored, 45 RBIs, and 12 steals, along with 106 ks and 45 walks.  (PS- his signature looks resembles a 4-year-olds) He’ll need to get hot soon if he’s going to make baseball people say the deal that sent Ryan Church and Brian Schneider to the Mets was a poor decision by Omar Minaya. Church is currently the Mets best hitter as Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado, and David Wright continue to slump, while Jose Reyes is not living up to his best with the bat. Schneider, meanwhile, is handling the pitching staff well, and has been successful throwing out baserunners. 

-Lastings Milledge will be the next NFL franchise in Los Angeles. They/He will start play in 2015.


10 Thoughts Regarding the Last Week+ in Fantasy Baseball

1. Wicked Obnoxious is currently 27 points behind me. There’s still a lot of season left, and he typically makes his charge in July/August, so I need to stay on top of fantasy. Fortunately for this season, the world entire world of finance is shut down, handing me ample time to do research.

2. Gene Watson has a lot of angry fans that come to his defense. Many of them look like this. I listened to some of his music last night, having never heard of him and downloaded a couple songs. It’s OK. Don’t see why anyone would get so riled up though. Plus, I was responding to this guy and assumed that he was actually referring to this obscure Gene Watson.

3. Apparently, I am depressedand need extra prozac. That was a funny comment. Continue reading

Real Men of Genius: Mr. Anonymous Angry Blog Reactor Guy

Today we salute you, Mr. Anonymous Angry Blog Reactor Guy.

(Mr. Anonymous Angry Blog Reactor Guy)

You alone must protect your opinions at all cost… by furiously banging them out on the keyboard.

(Let’s check out who insulted Gene Watson today? HE’S GOT A LOT OF NERVE. Who cares what his blog’s about anyway?)

While you sit in your mother’s basement, you make sure you play the part. Sweatpants? Check. Plumber’s crack? Check. Heaping plate of jalapeno poppers? Check.  

(Maaa! The meatloaf!?!?!?!)

The only thing standing in your way from anonymous glory is the pesky enter button you hit so hard it ended up behind the couch.

(It’s OK, who needs paragraphs? CAPS-lock will demonstrate my superior grammar.)

So crack open a bud light, because in all likelihood, your Dad just came home so you could use a buzz while he yells at your fat ass for being worthless. And he probably just ate your meatloaf.

(Mr. Anonymous Angry Blog Reactor Guy)



Fantasy Notes/Thoughts from the First 6 Weeks

1. Curtis Granderson is off to an awesome start in his first 14 games. However, he’s not this good. If he plays 135 games this season (he missed 21 to start the season), he’s on pace to hit 48 HRs with 95 RBIs and 125 runs scored, and to steal only 10 bases. He’s also on pace to strike out only 100 times, while posting a 1:1 BB:K ratio. This is a guy that fanned 174 times in 2006 and 141 times in 2007, while walking 118 time in the two years (including 14 fewer walks in 2007 than 2006). While I don’t think it’s ridiculous for him to post a drop in Ks this year, he doesn’t have the plate discipline to post a huge increase in walks this season. The guy has started on a hot streak, but the cold streaks will come too. Also, he’s not going to score almost 1 run per game played, even in the Tigers offense. That’s as ridiculous an expectation as the leadoff hitter driving in nearly 100 runs.

2. Nate McLouth is good, but his stats in the first month or so are obnoxious. He’s on pace to score 150 Runs, hit 44 HRs and drive in 136 (!!) while stealing only 15 bases. Continue reading

Curtis Granderson: Finally Fairly Valued

Behind both Corey Hart and Nick Markakis.


Post-Draft Review: The Rest

Since it’s Cinco de Mayo, and the season (in America) began back in the last week of March, I think it’s time to just rip through the last 3 teams, Angry Anteaters, Cy Hughesand Jeff Kent’s Mustache. I’ll start with Jeff Kent’s Mustache.

Mustache had OK keepers, excluding Orlando Cabrera, but his draft was hampered by looming med school exams. His LA bias was apparent from the very first pick: Brad Penney at the 3rd pick in the 7th round. Then came questionable picks Mike Lowell in the 8th and James Loney in the 9th. Continue reading

Lastings Milledge Update V

LASTINGS MILLEDGE is slowly losing the right to have his name capitalized. In his first 468 major league at bats (2006-2008), he has only 12 home runs. This year he has gone 31 for 118 (.263 avg) with 9 walks (.331 OBP), 10 extra base hits (1 home run), 15 runs scored, 11 RBIs, 3 steals with a 50% success rate, 22 Ks, and a .695 OPS. That projects over 600 ABs to 158 hits, 76 Runs, 5 HRs, 56 RBIs, 46 walks, 112 Ks, 15 SBs with 15 CS. Maybe Terrence Long wasn’t the right guy to compare him, maybe more accurately David DeJesus. Also, check out LASTINGS MILLEDGE in his striped shirt while he busts a rhyme. He’s both cool and tough.

-Trees dream of one day becoming a Lastings Milledge bat.