10 Thoughts Regarding the Last Week+ in Fantasy Baseball

1. Wicked Obnoxious is currently 27 points behind me. There’s still a lot of season left, and he typically makes his charge in July/August, so I need to stay on top of fantasy. Fortunately for this season, the world entire world of finance is shut down, handing me ample time to do research.

2. Gene Watson has a lot of angry fans that come to his defense. Many of them look like this. I listened to some of his music last night, having never heard of him and downloaded a couple songs. It’s OK. Don’t see why anyone would get so riled up though. Plus, I was responding to this guy and assumed that he was actually referring to this obscure Gene Watson.

3. Apparently, I am depressedand need extra prozac. That was a funny comment. Please keep the anonymous psychiatric diagnoses coming in the future, and don’t hesitate to send me the scripts.

4. I just want to bring this up again about our lame duck president. He’s good at one thing, and it has nothing to do with politics.

5. It really sucks when you pick up a closer for saves, he finally picks one up after two weeks of waiting and then this happens. It also sucks to use your #1 waiver priority on fantasy baseball’s most hyped mancrush since Alex Gordon in 2007, Max Scherzer, and then have him put together an OK first start, only to have the statisticians decide that an error wasn’t an error after the fact, and make all the runs earned. That’s an ERA killer, even if he is only 8+ innings into his MLB career.

6. Why is the price of beer at Shea now $8 for a 12 oz bottle? That really pisses me off. Almost as much as the sea of Jorts, socks with tevas, and old Piazza jerseys. Why is it that Mets fans are the easiest to stereotype? After a year in which the Mets collapsed historically, you’d think the fanbase would lose some of the relics and in order to draw fans back, management would lower the price of beer and tickets. I don’t actually know if ticket prices went up because the post-season package that I paid for in September paid for my tickets out of the totally unused portion, but I assume prices went up. They still give the best lines in the little “be courteous” video to David Wright (“Metsfans are the greatest fans in the world”), with a close second to Jose Reyes (“Hello!”) and Johan Santana (“Enjoy the game”). Unrelated, why have they cut my favorite intra-inning segment, Spanish with Professor Reyes?

7. Looking back at the Worst Team Ever post, I should probably have qualified that by saying he could be good for the first 3 weeks of the season. I still think that team is awful, even a 16 team league. I can only imagine that having 6 closers (when Smoltz comes back) in a 16 team league means that you’re short on wins and Ks pretty soon. Also, haven’t you heard Kenny Lofton won’t be signed this season because the owners got together and said so.

8. I should revisit my Best Picks 2008 post a few times this season, so here are some thoughts on that. Best Picks: Aaron Harang/Chipper Jones/Miguel Tejada (7th), Matt Kemp (8th), Pat Burrell (9th), I’ll eat my worst here, GEOVANY SOTO (10th), Edwin Encarnacion (11th), Adam Wainwright (12th), Rick Ankiel (13th), Yunel Escobar (14th), Justin Upton (15th), Joey Votto (16th), Nick Johnson/Brandon Lyon (17th), Nate McLouth (18th), Conor Jackson (19th), Zack Greinke (20th), Shaun Marcum (21st), Jon Rauch (22nd), Ervin Santana (23rd – Jair Jurrjens was a not too distant 2nd this late), Edinson Volquez (24th).

Worst Picks: Gary Sheffield (7th), Jorge Posada (8th), Rich Hill (9th), Andruw Jones (10th), Phil Hughes/Manny Corpas (11th), Jeremy Bonderman (12th), JJ Hardy/Lastings Milledge (13th), Josh Fields (14th), Khalil Greene (15th), Franklin Morales (16th), Ian Kennedy (17th), Travis Buck/Scott Rolen (18th), Asdrubal Cabrerea (19th). There are too many worst picks to count in rounds 20-24 since those rounds were a crapshoot anyway.

9. Best Free Agent Pickups of 2008, so far (this list is likely to change): Ryan Church, Fred Lewis, Ryan Dempster, Mike Jacobs, Xavier Nady (although, I doubt he’s on this list in August), Cliff Lee, and Jonathan Sanchez (only because he was turned into 1/3rd of Curtis Granderson).

10. We should compile a list of Best Sports Moments of all time. For instance, minute 59:25 of Super Bowl XLII (Manning floats it up to Burress in the endzone), Johnny Damon’s grandslam in the second inning of Game 7 of the 2004 ALCS that put the Red Sox in control, Mookie Wilson’s ground ball through Bill Buckner’s legs, or Joe Carter’s Walk off HR in Game 6 of the 1993 World Series.

Feel fee to suggest sports moments in the comments.



2 Responses

  1. Lincecum > Harang

    -East Coast Bias

  2. east coast includes Cincinnati? Harang was the much safer option and as everyone will say, wins are a crapshoot. Harang’s ERA/WHIP/Ks are all exactly what you would expect. Volquez is better than both, but does that make him a good 7th round pick? You could have had Lincecum in the 8th round, and that’s why he’s not the best pick of the 7th round.

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