The All-Photogenic Team:

Yahoo! has some great headshots in its fantasy baseball player pool. Larger versions of many of these pictures can be found on, but Selig has apparently decided to clean up a few of them (Adam Jones, I’m looking in your direction). Here are a few of the good ones:

Smile for the camera, and try not to let any of that massive lipper dribble out.

Turtle Power:

Pierre may have wisely changed his pic, but sooner or later Leonardo and Michelangelo are going to track him down.

Let’s Blaze:

Check out what happens when you sell Adam Jones, Ryan Wagner, and Jorge Sosa bad pot. You cut your hair and grow a dirty beard as a disguise. We’re on to your games, Swisher:

Filming has begun on a documentary about C.C. Sabathia’s 2007 Cy Young campaign, starring Forest Whittaker:

Double and triple chins, possibly separated at birth:

This should not look like the face of a noted Met killer:

When wearing a thong’s not enough of a slump buster, slap on a dirtstache:

If you’re being paid major league money, it’s OK to stop going to Supercuts:

That means you also don’t need to wear your hair in pigtails:

And perhaps the best of them all…………..

The never even good enough to be overrated uber-talented Mr. Gene Watson!


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  1. hahaha, Gene Watson… what a joke.

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