Where are they now? Lastings Milledge hitting, getting paid, and not eating raw horse meat

Mets fans all have one thing in common – self-loathing.  Nothing gives Mets fan a greater opportunity to commiserate than discussing failed prospects.  Failed prospects like the enigmatic Lastings Milledge. [Some writters on] This blog once considered Willie Mays a mere precursor to Lastings Milledge.  Well, it turns out, several years later, Lastings Milledge is not an elite MLB player.  He’s not even a MLB player at all.



In 2012, Lastings Milledge took his talents to the Yakult Swallows (home of the Tsubamegun, whatever the hell that is…). The Swallows. Apparently, he has been a whiny bitch since moving over to the Swallows.

What to do about food (Yakult Swallows)

Lastings Milledge apparently is not a huge fan of rice or noodles and is having a hard time finding things he can eat at the team cafeteria.  He does like yakiniku and has gone out to eat some with teammate Wladimir Balentien on a number of occasions.  Orlando Roman used to Asian dishes and will eat pretty much eat anything that he is served.  He has even given raw horse meat a try.


Lastings Milledge won’t even eat Japanese raw horse meat.  But he is playing baseball, when he isn’t arguing with umpires (100,000 yen fine really isn’t nearly as much money as it sounds).

I’ve never considered Lastings Milledge hard; he’s not Elijah Dukes. He’s more of an idiot/wannabe/douch.  Harmless.  He wouldn’t do this: Delmon Young Throws Bat at Umpire. Who is better at this point, Delmon Young, who is unsigned, or Lastings Milledge? This is a sad statement for both of them. I will go on a limb and say Lastings Milledge is better at this point in their careers, Delmon Young is getting worse, Lastings Milledge is getting better, more on Lastings Milledge’s current hitting prowress below.  This is a sad commentary for both players.

Oh yeah, so how has Lastings Milledge fared in Japan, when he isn’t bitching about the food and not eating raw horse?  He was 5th in batting in the Central League, with a .300 average (.300/.379/.485).  He played 125 games, hit 21 HR (2nd in Central League). He did not fare well on the base paths, stealing only 9 in 16 attempts.  Take that snarky NYT Bats Blog (awesome photo though).

All and all, a fairly successful NPB rookie year for Lastings Milledge, probably his best performance to date (Central League is considered the lesser league, compared to the Pacific League, much like the National League inferiority that Mets fans deny).  If Japan is AAAA, Lastings Milledge has proved he is a solid AAAA player, but we already knew that, right?  He made $500,000 his first year in Japan and just resigned for $4.4 million. Crazy right?

Lastings Milledge is still just 28 years old. What happens in 2014, if he improves on last year’s NPB numbers?   I think some MLB team will give him a shot, look at Jason Bay, Chone Figgins, Yunieski Bettancourt, somebody gave/will give those guys a chance, at least a minor league deal.  But giving up $4.4 million per year?  I think only NPB will offer that, so why leave?  All we know now, the Lastings Milledge saga continues.