Post-Draft Review: Chase-ing Pink

Chase-ing Pink (ClemensDirtyNeedles) came away from the draft with a consensus steal as of the end of April: Pat “the bat” Burrell. In OBP leagues, Burrell is Diet Adam Dunn – he’ll never impress with the average, but a high OBP and he’ll hit 35+ HRs if he stays healthy. In the 9th round of our draft, I’d call him a hind-sight no-brainer. Pink has been helped by some very solid selections up anddown the draft. With that, lets look at Chase-ingPink chasing some fantasy glory. Continue reading


Post-Draft Review: Da Jesus

Da Jesus had an interesting draft. He went strong on pitching in the first two rounds, taking guys that the Dynasty Killas would have considered histop 2 pitchers on draft day: Aaron Harang and James Shields. Subsequently trading strength to plug weakness (and strengthen keepers), Da Jesus traded Harang for Troy Tulowitzki prior to opening day in the US. While on the surface, it appears Dynasty Killas got the better of this trade as of April 28th, there is no reason to expect that Tulo won’t turn his game around and post a 100-25-100-10-.370 line for the year. For the Dynasty Killas, this was a trade that would allow him to seriously contend this year, although, it would take the Reds scoring a few more runs for him. For Da Jesus, he picks up a strong SS that he lacked coming out of the draft. Continue reading

Retire in Peace Woody Williams


Woody Williams was released by the Astros today in a move that should impact exactly zero of the millions of fantasy baseball owners worldwide.

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Lastings Milledge: The Second Coming of Willie Mays?


Lastings Milledge has provoked more than a few discussions this spring. His hype was quieted in the Mets’ front office as they traded him for less in return than they got for Xavier Nady, but significantly more than they got for Scott Kazmir. Lastings Milledge is a controversial player this spring on fantasy draft boards based an inability to value his expected performance. The Dynasty Killas were not willing to take a risk on him until the 17th or 18th round of the draft. However, RA Dickey Dicks took him in the 13th in a pick that was certainly risky, but taking risks is how fantasy championships are won.

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First Annual Booze Draft

OK, it’s time for the first annual “Booze Draft” as a precursor to the actual fantasy draft. The rules are simple:

You must select the drinks you would like to consume during the actual fantasy draft. The drinks fit into one of several categories (analogous to positions on your “real” fantasy team).

1 Brewed Drink ======= beer, malt liquor, etc.

1 Distilled Drink ====== Cocktail/Mixed drink

1 Shot ======= Straight shots only, 70 proof or higher

1 Utility ======= anything with booze in it

The draft order was set randomly, and is as follows:

Jack Parkman

Wicked Obnoxious

Phil McJunk

RA Dickey Dicks


Everything is fair game, and a justification is required as to why you need this to get your booze on. Continue reading

Why Fantasy Baseball Drafts Are Great

I’ve done pretty much every type of fantasy draft that exists, except for auction drafts. I’ve done them offline and in-person, I’ve done them live over the internet, and I’ve even done a few auto drafts in my younger and stupider days. I have to say that doing a fantasy draft is pretty much the highlight of my week…nay, highlight of the month.

Since I’m now pretending to be a grownup and don’t live in the same city as all of my friends, we are forced to do an online draft. This isn’t terrible, but it’s definitely not as good as doing it in person. I’ve been lucky enough to live in the same city as at least a couple of people in the league, and have always been able to share an online draft with at least one other person in the league.

I have many reasons for this, and I will go into a bit of depth for a couple of them.

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Sal Fasano Update #5

We all know about the man’s legendary facial hair and his displeasure with competing with underachieving teammates Greg Zaun and Rod Barajas for the Blue Jays’ starting catcher position, but did you know that the infamous Dougie’s Going Deep Tonight “tall tale” was loosely based on Salvatore Frank Fasano’s journey through the minor leagues? True story, had Sal not burned so many bridges back in Low-A ball, we’d have witnessed a Hall of Fame-caliber career and a probable #1 overall fantasy pick.

And good luck to J.J. Hardy trying to get through that plate defense. At least he made the wise decision to slide.