The All-Photogenic Team:

Yahoo! has some great headshots in its fantasy baseball player pool. Larger versions of many of these pictures can be found on, but Selig has apparently decided to clean up a few of them (Adam Jones, I’m looking in your direction). Here are a few of the good ones:

Smile for the camera, and try not to let any of that massive lipper dribble out.

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Curtis Granderson: Finally Fairly Valued

Behind both Corey Hart and Nick Markakis.


Trade Critique

Lecherous Goldenberg Trades Jonathan Sanchez, Adam Wainwright, and Kerry Wood to Cy Hughes for Curtis Granderson.

McJunk’s take: This is the first midseason big name trade of the season. It seems that Lecherous Goldenberg will take a little bit of a hit to his pitching staff as he gives up his best pitcher to date (Wainwright) so he’ll have to hope Lackey is good when he comes off the DL. In my opinion though, Cy Hughes is giving up too much in Granderson to not get back a clear keeper. Wainwright won’t strike out enough guys to be top rung starter and Jonathan Sanchez is risky to say the least. There are days that he can be lights out, like Oliver Perez when his stuff works, and there are days that he could be atrocious, like, well, Oliver Perez is once every 3 starts. Only time will tell, but I would give the nod to Lecherous Goldenberg as getting the better end of this trade.

Real Men of Genius: Mr. Short, Scrappy, White Middle-Infielder/Utilityman

Here’s to you, Mr. Short, Scrappy, White Middle-Infielder/Utilityman. You have more guts and grit than men twice your size. Being physically gifted is no match for your scrappiness.

Although you probably won’t hit 10 HR in the Post-Steroid era, you always take the extra base. Nobody sprints harder down the line on weak, routine groundballs to SS.

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An Ode to Terrence Long

Since we discuss this former top prospect bust in comparison to the great one himself, LASTINGS MILLEDGE, let’s call to the attention of everyone exactly the stature of the man we’re discussing.

Terrence [“Neon”] Deon Long was born Feb 29, 1976 in Montgomery AL. After a high school career that saw the young man flourish as an outfielder in the Alabama high school leagues, he was drafted 20th overall by the Mets in 1994 as an 18 year old. He was named a top prospect by 1997, and was subsequently dealt to the A’s along with Leo Vasquez for Kenny Rogers in mid-season 1999. Kenny Rogers proceeded to walk home the NLCS ending run in extra innings against the Braves in game 6. (Unrelated to Terrence Long, I hate Kenny Rogers.)  Long went on to play 3 years for the A’s until he was dealt to the Padres (who apparently still thought the 27 year old had talent) for Ramon Hernandez and Mark Kotsay. They learned shortly thereafter that he did not live up to his billing and traded him 1 year later  along with Dennis Tankersley and cash to the Royals for Ryan Bukvich and Darrell May. After playing for the Royals in 2005, he signed a minor league contract with the Yankees in 2006 and called up when Godzirra was injured. On July 7, 2006, Long was designated for assignment and has not played in the major leagues since. His current whereabouts are unknown, but you can be sure that Lastings Milledge is the superior rapper.

Long’s career line is 890 games, .269 BA, .318 OBP, .404 SLG, 824 Hits, 428 Runs, 69 HRs, 376 RBIs, and 27 SBs. His first full season in the majors in 2000 with the A’s was his best by far when he hit .288 in 584 ABs with 104 Runs, 18 HRs, 80 RBIs, and 5 SBs.

Jon Miller: Prototypical HOF Wingman


Jon Miller, radio voice of the San Francisco Giants and play-by-play man for ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball, is much more than a silky mic guy…his obvious potential as a world-class wingman has gone unnoticed for far too long… Continue reading

George W. Bush is the Best President Ever…


… at throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at baseball games. In light of opening day, I thought I’d point out that our president does do something well. The former owner of the Texas Rangers and current leader of the Free World (not the 313) has thrown out more ceremonial first pitches for major league games than any other president, and has looked more competent doing so than the other presidents. Hall of Famer Joe Morgan also mentioned that W is the best presidential ceremonial first pitch thrower ever, in between sentences of Joe Morgan inane banter. Take a look Continue reading