Post-Draft Review: The Cuddle Rapers

The 2008 draft went OK for the Cuddle Rapers. Building on his tremendous hitting core of Pujols, Holliday and Rollins, Rapers needed to address pitching while waiting for Scott Kazmir to recover. With Verlander in tow, and a second outfield slot filled by Godzilla, Rapers only really needed to go after 2B, 3B and the best available players.

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Best Picks 2008

I’m going to pick out who I think was the best pick by round in the draft. These are obviously predictions, and some will be arbitrary. Picks are based on relative value and potential impact. Many of the later round picks were difficult to assess best and worst. There will be full rounds that end up dropped and there will probably be guys that were picked in the 19th, 20th, 21st rounds that turn out better than the best pick of the 12th or 14th rounds. Continue reading

Best Picks 2007

I decided to look at the best and worst picks in the draft from last year. These are, of course, all hindsight, so it’s pretty easy.

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Post-Draft Review: RA Dickey Dicks

RA Dickey Dicks’ draft went well. Considering his team, I can’t single out a truly questionable pick until the 12th round. With Dunn, Berkman, Lee and Roberts there was speed and power to build on, and with Dice-K and Francisco Cordero, the team had a good start on wins and ks. Cordero was of questionable keeper quality.

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Post-Draft Review: Wally Backman

I like Wally Backman’s team. He definitely drafts with a different strategy from mine, but he always ends September with a competitive team. Even considering he finished 4th last season, I think this year’s iteration is improved.

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Post-Draft Review: Dynasty Killas

Dynasty Killas draft was somewhat victimized by overthinking. While attempting to find good value Killas failed to anticipate correctly on a number of draft selections and ended up with a competitive team, but not the best team.

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Post-Draft Review: Ghosts of Sal Fasano

Employing his trademarked blackout for the last few rounds strategy, Ghosts has pulled off a pretty solid team leading into the season.

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