Sal Fasano Update #6

Sal old school

Sal was cut by the Blue Jays on March 25th. Sal was 0 for 9 this spring, but has an OBP of .438 and has scored two runs. He has also stolen a base. He has also grown a mustache since this picture was taken.

With 400 plate appearances, Fasano projects to a .000 Batting Average with 175 walks, 50 runs scored and 25 steals. Considering we use OBP instead of BA, Fasano looks like a top FA acquisition if he can get himself signed and the starter “opportunistically” gets hurt.

All in all, that’s about what we expect from a man of his magnitude. Even though he isn’t hitting well, he still finds a way to get on base and make things happen with his speed.


Sal Fasano Update #5

We all know about the man’s legendary facial hair and his displeasure with competing with underachieving teammates Greg Zaun and Rod Barajas for the Blue Jays’ starting catcher position, but did you know that the infamous Dougie’s Going Deep Tonight “tall tale” was loosely based on Salvatore Frank Fasano’s journey through the minor leagues? True story, had Sal not burned so many bridges back in Low-A ball, we’d have witnessed a Hall of Fame-caliber career and a probable #1 overall fantasy pick.

And good luck to J.J. Hardy trying to get through that plate defense. At least he made the wise decision to slide.

Sal Fasano Update #4


Sal is currently 0 for 5 in 4 Spring Training games with Toronto, but has scored a run. Those figures, projected out over a 550 at-bat season, would result in 110 runs scored. This would put him 15th in all of baseball, and first among all catchers by nearly 20 runs.

Simply put, the man is a menace on the bases. Also, his favorite song is Poison’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.”


Does anyone else notice that baseball players during the roids era started to look more like they belonged in Street Fighter II than hitting fastballs? (footnote to Wilson1823) Maybe they’ll be firing some HGH Hadoukens soon – but only if Mrs. Clemens refuses to give up the source….

avk.jpg streetfighter_dhalsim_illust.png streetfighter4.jpg streetfighter5.jpg

Sal Fasano Update #3


Following up on Fasano, how drunk does he look in this picture? You can be sure Tom Emanski didn’t teach him how to play drunk.

Sal Fasano Update #2


Sal Fasano is fundamentally sound. If he ever visits this site, Tom Emanski will pitch a tent while looking at this picture.

Discussion: Who do you want to drink with?


Most of you know the rumor about how Wade Boggs drinks like a fish.  For those of you that don’t check out these links:

Jeff Nelson first reported it on a radio show at one point:

A PTI discussion with the legend himself:

As an open discussion, what other major leaguers would you want on your Fantasy Baseball Drinking Lineup?

 Past nominees include – Esteban Loaiza, Rafael Furcal, Sal Fasano, the late Rod Beck, the entire 1990 Cincinnati Reds bullpen, John Kruk, Tony LaRussa, and Big Cecil Fielder.