Post-Draft Review: The Rest

Since it’s Cinco de Mayo, and the season (in America) began back in the last week of March, I think it’s time to just rip through the last 3 teams, Angry Anteaters, Cy Hughesand Jeff Kent’s Mustache. I’ll start with Jeff Kent’s Mustache.

Mustache had OK keepers, excluding Orlando Cabrera, but his draft was hampered by looming med school exams. His LA bias was apparent from the very first pick: Brad Penney at the 3rd pick in the 7th round. Then came questionable picks Mike Lowell in the 8th and James Loney in the 9th. Continue reading


Trade Critique

Lecherous Goldenberg Trades Jonathan Sanchez, Adam Wainwright, and Kerry Wood to Cy Hughes for Curtis Granderson.

McJunk’s take: This is the first midseason big name trade of the season. It seems that Lecherous Goldenberg will take a little bit of a hit to his pitching staff as he gives up his best pitcher to date (Wainwright) so he’ll have to hope Lackey is good when he comes off the DL. In my opinion though, Cy Hughes is giving up too much in Granderson to not get back a clear keeper. Wainwright won’t strike out enough guys to be top rung starter and Jonathan Sanchez is risky to say the least. There are days that he can be lights out, like Oliver Perez when his stuff works, and there are days that he could be atrocious, like, well, Oliver Perez is once every 3 starts. Only time will tell, but I would give the nod to Lecherous Goldenberg as getting the better end of this trade.

Post-Draft Review: 40oz to Farney

Farney, who has subsequently renamed himself Lecherous Goldenberg to simultaneously show off his superior fantasy vocabulary and poke fun at the irony of a frat brother that was the opposite of lecherous, had a pretty decent draft. Getting Chipper Jones in the first round will provide strong power and OBP numbers for the 450 ABs a year that he’s healthy and provided a lot of leeway in the following selections by filling the infield effeciently.  Since Atkins and Figgins were already on the team and have 3B eligibility, I might be have been temped to take Paul Konerko with this selection, but that’s just playing devil’s advocate. The next 3 rounds were well selected, filling OF slots (Josh Hamilton and Vernon Wells) and picking up a strong pitcher – Chris Young – even if he has had some injury problems. If Hamilton plays like he did last year for a full year, he’ll be a strong keeper and maybe a 3rd round caliber player next year. Continue reading

Post-Draft Review: The Cuddle Rapers

The 2008 draft went OK for the Cuddle Rapers. Building on his tremendous hitting core of Pujols, Holliday and Rollins, Rapers needed to address pitching while waiting for Scott Kazmir to recover. With Verlander in tow, and a second outfield slot filled by Godzilla, Rapers only really needed to go after 2B, 3B and the best available players.

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League Update

Lecherous Goldenberg (formerly 40oz to Farney) is off to a good start, with 109 total points.

Can he hang on? Is this his year, after so many disappointing seasons, questionable trades, and mediocre waiver pickups?

With such a big lead, there is a good chance he will be able to hang on to the lead like Goldenberg’s grip on another cheeseburger.

The Dynasty Killas are in dead last place. Sure, he will tell you there is a lot of season left, but one has to wonder how this team will dig itself out of a big hole.

Jon Miller: Prototypical HOF Wingman


Jon Miller, radio voice of the San Francisco Giants and play-by-play man for ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball, is much more than a silky mic guy…his obvious potential as a world-class wingman has gone unnoticed for far too long… Continue reading

Post-Draft Review: RA Dickey Dicks

RA Dickey Dicks’ draft went well. Considering his team, I can’t single out a truly questionable pick until the 12th round. With Dunn, Berkman, Lee and Roberts there was speed and power to build on, and with Dice-K and Francisco Cordero, the team had a good start on wins and ks. Cordero was of questionable keeper quality.

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