Retire in Peace Woody Williams


Woody Williams was released by the Astros today in a move that should impact exactly zero of the millions of fantasy baseball owners worldwide.

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Post-Draft Review: Dynasty Killas

Dynasty Killas draft was somewhat victimized by overthinking. While attempting to find good value Killas failed to anticipate correctly on a number of draft selections and ended up with a competitive team, but not the best team.

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Post-Draft Review: Wicked Obnoxious

Wicked Obnoxious came away from the draft smugly, or at least as smugly as a two time defending champion should be. Using the leverage of his keepers which now include 5 definite strengths and one reasonably sized question mark, Wicked Obnoxious was able to pass over some other question-mark hitters to draft a pretty decent pitching staff.

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The Draft

Long awaited, the draft occured on Tuesday March 18th and was an affair full of captain, coke, whiskey, PBR and olives.

 These are the results (a team by team analysis will follow):

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An Ode to Todd Jones: Save Machine

Save Machine

In a world of 98 mph fastballs, knee-buckling curves and darting splitters, one man has survived 15 seasons on guts, guile, and a middling repertoire of average pitches. Continue reading